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Silly morning mall post..

I just read a random community bio page stating it's interested in talking about "traditional punk", versus Avril-style psuedo-punk.

Traditional punk. Makes it sound like it was created for cello and harpsicord.

Time just keeps getting compressed faster and faster...five years ago, I don't think there'd have been even a need to define punk as traditional or not. Maybe I'm wrong, it just seems like style and ideas and "genres" fly by at previously unheard of speeds. Or maybe it's just because I'm living through this one that makes it seem so speedy. God, makes me feel like I'm old. "Damn these kids and their new-fangled music! Tell 'em to buy some Pixies records!"

The direction of mass-marketed music these days gives me a sinking feeling in the pit of my brain. Whatever happens, though, I'm sure it'll will end up happening faster than I thought it would. I can dream, anyway.

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