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Speaking English with a Japanese accent...

Well, Ryoko has arrived safely and spent her first full day with me in Waterford. If she hates me, she's been hiding it very well at least ^_^. We went to church, and since she is apparently Catholic, that went over very well. Then, we went to drama, where we met up with Todd Spitz's students, Yuka and Kana, and Annie Egan's student Rika. Unfortunatly, drama was very boring today, being choreography of one song with EVERYONE the entire time. Then, it was off to chill with Spitz 'n' Co. for a while, marveling at the size of his house. After a few hours there, we came back home, and she gave us gifts for having her in our home. I felt like a spoiled child on Christmas!! She gave me 2 L'Arc~en~Ciel CD singles, an album (sadly, the one I just bought, but still!), a yukata, 2 obis, a hair piece and a bow for the back, and each member of my family also recieved a yukata. She gave my mother a bowl used in tea ceremony, and 2 dolls. On top of that, Ryoko gave my family a book on Matsumoto castle, which is her home city, a book for young people on how to learn to write kanji, origami paper and a book, and many very tasty Japanese snack foods and sweets. I was absolutely speechless...if you can imagine that with me, well, then you know how amazed I was! After that, we had dinner, and then Katie came over for dessert. Thank god she likes chocolate, hehe.

I'm amazed that after only one day, I'm really picking up her speech patterns. I have the ever slightest accent even when I speak English now.

Her English, while on the subject, is fantastic. She really speaks and writes well. She showed me a paper she wrote in one of her classes, both in Japanese and another version, shorter natrually, in English. It is about a lecture she attended, given by the man who was the final torch-bearer in the Nagano Olympics. He had had his left arm and leg blown off in a land mine explosion in Africa, and the lecture was about the need for the removal of such devices. She wrote the following:
During his lecture, he used the word 'mine' many times. I had always learned that mine meant "MY THING" but he used mine to mean BOMB. This gave me a chance to realize that MINES are a problem of MINE.
The fact she has a good enough grasp of the English language to not only understand his lecture, but also to be able to write a kind of play on words with it so well is amazing to me. I told her her paper was very clever (in Japanese). She says she hopes that someday I will be able to read the one in Japanese. I hope so too. I learned one phrase before she came "Atashi no nihongo wa aware na." It translates "My Japanese is pathetic." She laughed at me, but compared to her grasp of English, I am a complete and total BAKA (idiot).

There is another story, about another Japanese student from years ago, and some of you might find this amusing. I will tell it tomorrow though, because I am tired ^_^ Oyasumi, minna-san.

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