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09 September 2003 @ 03:05 pm
C'mon folks, exercise that futility! And a one, and a two...  
Really, there's no point in me bitching here besides the need to bitch. The Internet is always the most willing and/or witless victim.

Stayed up pretty late last night working on my Japanese homework and my paper on Daoism. It would have taken less time, I know, if I'd just focused and gotten it done. So this part is my fault. Finally went to bed at some un-godly hour.

My first class was at 10. Unfortunately, I either forgot to set my alarm, or simply didn't hear it, as I didn't wake up until around 11:30. And what did I wake up to? Well, shaking of my walls from my next door neighbor's base, that managed to actually shake some of my things off the wall. So, went over and asked him to turn it down a notch, which makes me feel like a stupid bitch, you know? But still, stuff was falling down.

Back to my room, I've got to get to class. I've already missed my first one, and I'm becoming later by the minute to Daoism, where the paper is due. I go to print said paper. It won't. After rebooting, uninstalling and re-installing the drivers twice, it finally prints the paper...in rainbow colors. No joke. ROYGBIV through every word. I suppose this means I need a new cartridge, ne?

Well, I finally get that done, and I've gotta go. No time for a shower, so my hair looks awful. It's so swished up on one side it looks like it's trying to fly off my head. Fuck how I look though, I'm now 30 minutes late to class.

I get there, and the next 45 minutes seem pretty pointless. Oh, but then, guess what? She decided the papers AREN'T due today, that we can take them home and re-work them after next class and turn them in NEXT Tuesday. All that time writing and printing...for naught.

Only two highlights today: My last class didn't meet because the professor is out of town, and Brandon was sweet to try and help me with my environmental activism homework.

Work at five, so I'll go and get that shower I so desperately need in...
Mood: grumpygrumpy