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A.N. (Artificial Nature)...

Last night, I had a very wonderful and interesting dream. It left me with a deeply profound sense of beauty upon waking up, even though I departed the world of the dream a little too early for my liking.

The dream started out with a declaration of love by Brandon in front of an audience in a world where it wasn't really acceptable. I can't recall the exact details of this part of the dream, except that we were in some kind of future, and that we broke up a play to make this exclamation.

Because of this, we were sent by a Buddhist monk to find a creature that would help us go to a place where we could be happier. It's name began with an R, and though I remembered it right after I woke up, it's become lost to me. In the existence of the dream, this creature was well understood, and said to have great powers, but believed to be mythical, like unicorns in this world. For anyone who's seen Princess Mononoke, it is similar to the forest god, but smaller, with wider antlers, and a second set of small horns coming out of the head where its ears should be. It also has a sleeker body, with mostly tan fur and black and white stripes on its hindquarters. The face is notably similar to the one in Mononoke Hime. ( This and this are a good reference for those who might not know the film). It sounded kind of crazy, but we knew we had to go on this mission to try and find it.

This is where the dream becomes a bit unlike most of my usual dreams. Most of the time, the most vivid part of my dreams are the emotional/physical feelings they project. I remember how kisses feel, how cold something is, and how I react to it emotionally. In this dream, the most remarkable thing about it was its visual beauty and acuity. We went to a land that, as of now, does not exist on earth. The landscape was amazingly beautiful. Approaching the coast of this land by boat, there is an arctic shelf of ice, but once we traveled inland, the crisp white landscape changes to a warmer, semi-tropical climate, but with areas of open savannah. The colors are fantastically clear, the area very interesting, but what's even more amazing is the wildlife.

The main predator in this area is kind of like a bear, but larger than a grizzly, brown on the top and blending to a white bottom, which ends in a long version of what looks like a fox tail. There are very fierce, and the place we are staying is a research center made specifically to keep them out. Other animals include more gazelle like creatures, and multi-colored birds, all in a setting so realistic-feeling, I might as well have been watching a nature program.

For a long time, it seems, Brandon and I go out in the day to look for the mystical/mythical creature. We simply don't find it. We had to return before nightfall, however, because of the bear-foxes.

Then, a new woman came to the center one day though, a twenty-something Japanese girl. She came because she needed an escape from the rest of the world, due to her "special abilities". She could sense things, read people's minds, and was in tune with everything around her to the most acute level. The kind of person who can hear a tree weep. When we met her, we told her how we were starting to really feel the R-whatever animal was indeed a myth. She looked at me and said. "No, there's one outside right now."

I turned on an exterior light, and sure enough, one was standing in front of the window. It was extremely beautiful, elegant, and frightening at the same time. We'd barely seen it a minute, though, when a bear-fox came up to the shelter, ready to attack this creature. Yet, as it grabbed it in its teeth, it dissolved and became something the bear-fox didn't want...a yellow backpack, of all things. Once the attacker saw what had happened, it let go and gave up, wandering away from the area. Slowly, the bag dissolved, burned, and reformed itself into our beast of legend.

And sadly, that's when I woke up. I hope, just maybe, I can meet it again tonight.

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