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02 September 2003 @ 05:13 pm
English to Nowhere...  
So, I go to the bookstore for something like the fourth time trying to get my Japanese books. They finally have the textbook, so I got that. I already own the Kanji dictionary the professor wanted us to get, but they were still out of the English to Japanese and Japanese to English dictionaries we're supposed to have.

I ask the bookstore lady if the books are hiding somewhere or if they just don't have them or what. She says they're out, and she didn't know the books were required, she thought they were just recommended. She calls the book supplier on the phone, and orders me the Japanese-English dictionary for overnight delivery. But they're out of the English-Japanese ones. Indefinitely, they say.

With a bit of exasperation, I decided to not worry about it then, and bought You Are Being Lied To instead. And a little blue stapler.

That'll be enough for now, I guess.
Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Music: Radiohead - True Love Waits