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Cry for help to movie geeks everywhere...

IMDB is of no use when you don't know the names of any characters, actors, writers, directors of a film and can't succinctly describe the plot, so I'm asking all you LJ movie buffs out there to help me with a movie that I can't find the name of to save my life. The only other person I know who saw it was Brandon, and he can't recall either.

Brandon and I rented this film in the days before we had Netflix, so we must have gotten it from Blockbuster. I can't give a really full description of the plot, but I can go over it enough that hopefully someone will be able to recognize this film. It was one of those movies that meanders about several people's stories, which all somehow end up combining. By no means am I claiming this is even close to accurate, but it's the best memory I have of it. I may be wrong on some things, right on others. So here goes.

There's a guy who is in the mafia, but for some reason, the boss wants this guy killed. Two other mob guys run his car off the road and down a cliff, and they think they've killed him, but he's actually escaped and landed in a wealthy man's swimming pool. The wealthy man is some sort of Hollywood producer or something of the like, and he'd hurt himself internally somehow, so he's in pain and unable to move around well and things like that. He has a secretary, a thin lady with brown curly hair, if I recall, that he treats like dirt. Well, the mobster gets out of the pool and into the house (which was difficult because the producer guy has a vicious attack dog) and takes the man and the secretary hostage. It comes about that the mobster and the secretary really hit it off and make pasta together. They may or may not have hatched a plan to get the mob guy out of the situation without having to keep them hostage for real...a scam of some sort. This may have been from another film and I'm just remembering it here.

Meanwhile, there's an older guy, kind of looks like Bill Murray in my memory, but it isn't him (I looked that up). Anyway, he's a circus performer or a clown, and he has a little dog he uses in his act. The man is very depressed and visits the grave of his wife, where he decides he wants to kill himself. First, he wants to give the dog away so that he'll be okay if he does himself in. He tries to give the dog to a woman driving through the cemetary, but she seems to understand what he's trying to do, so she invites him and the dog to come with her to visit her step/half brother, to whom she'd give the dog. She convinces him to come along, but it turns out her brother is the very guy who has been taken hostage by the mob man. Once they arrive, they're held there by the mobster, who's getting a little edgy now that there are more people. I believe there's a problem at one point where the clown man tries to take down the mobster, but I can't recall the details.

So, eventually, I forget exactly why or how, the situation involves the police making the mob guy and the hostages come out, but before they can take the mobster, the secertary helps him to escape, I think by shooting her boss in the leg or something, and the two of them run off to start a pizza place together. I think the old man and the dog end up in Mexico somehow and buy a truck, but again, l may be thinking of some other movie on that one.

That's all I remember about this film. And I am going nuts trying to figure out what it might be. So, if any of you can hazard a guess, I'd be most appreciative.

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