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Snow day...

Another snow day, oh yeah. This makes that Hamlet feild trip fall on an English day, not a chem one. We like it when that sort of thing happens. Missing 3 hours of chem is never a good thing.

And this week, I got some of the biggest pants I have ever seen. And the amazing thing is that they fit! My butt must be bigger than I thought, to hold these things up. At work, we tried to see how much stuff we could fit into all the pockets. We got something in the range of 8 CDs, 3 hide SD toys (in the boxes), 1 volume of manga, one plushie camel and, here's the kicker, Catbus (Nekobus for all you Totoro purists). It was really amazing. I fit into just ONE leg of these things, that's how big they are. These are the pants to end all pants. I love 'em ^_^

I had a pretty good time yesterday, knowing well in advance there was going to be no school. Kath and I spent some time with our respective male counterparts, and had some Chinese food. Of course, it means I have to do all my homework TODAY, but I don't really care, hehe. Well of to the comics, all of which update on Mondays. Here's a few new ones you should all check out:

Exploitation Now
Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy

Just another way to add some comedy to your lives. Try it out...after all, it's free!!

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