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Some things about some movies...

There's something about The Big Lebowski that somehow makes it get funnier every time you watch it. It seems to work on an exponential curve of comedy. Every time I see it, I laugh more than the time before.

There's something about Lilo and Stitch that continually keeps it from getting boring, no matter how many times in a row I may watch it. It's irresistibly cute, without being trite, every single time. Cute and fluffy.

And there's something about John Cusack in the rain that's sexier each time I see it. Be it in Say Anything or High Fidelity or whatever, J.C. + Rain = Hot. Mixed tapes help, even if it was a deleted scene. Another penniless musician? Maybe not quite, but I'll bend the rules thanks to all those tapes he made.

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