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In the land of dreams...

So, last night, I talked with an ancient Egyptian priest/scholar in an Indiana Jones-style excavation dream. What he said, I feel, was colored mostly by my own theories on the Egyptian belief of the afterlife, rather than "tapping in" to any person or idea outside of myself, but it was interesting regardless.

This dream was filmed in very vibrant reds and some brilliant whites. We (a non-distinct me and a team of unknown archeologists) were in a mansion in Egypt, where we found a secret passageway that lead down to a tomb that the building had been constructed to hide. Inside were the usual artifacts, and the priest, still alive after thousands of years. I asked him how it was possible for him to survive so long, and how he carried on the traditions of a culture and religion that were now all but extinct. His exact words to me were, "We (ancient Egyptians) are much closer to death than to extinction." How I understood what he said was that he and the people of his time were well accustomed to death, and had a close enough relationship to it that he could understand it. Converse with it, even. There was a kind of kinship between himself and his afterlife. Because of this, he was able to live, and keep his beliefs alive, even when they should not have been. There was no mistake in my mind that that is what he meant.

As I said, this dream was Indiana Jones style, and so of course, that's when the Nazis came in. They wanted to steal the artifacts and take the priest away to understand his secrets of death. There was a gunfight and some sneaking around, but we finally trapped them in a room in the mansion and locked them in.

That's when I woke up.

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