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Field Day Post-Op...

You must have known it was coming. I'm not very likely to drop the topic of a concert that was not only not supposed to happen, but turned out, mostly, to be the most fantastic one I've been to. Here's the quick and easy overview, not in any kind of order.

The Bad Bits:
1. Beck, "took a nasty spill," and did not perform :( Do hope he's alright.
2. The tickets our friends Liz and Ash had were not in the same area as ours, so we were split up for most of the time, and lost track of Patrick before the end of the night, and we had to stand the whole time.
3. Got to a spot and couldn't get any further at around 1 o'clock, and tried to not get in anyone's way. Didn't move 'til 12, all the while, more people pushing in front of me, finding they TOO couldn't go any further AT ALL, and stood right in front of me and Brandon. And most of them were taller than me.
4. Didn't get out of that crowd, obviously, to see Bright Eyes or Elliot Smith. Oh well, maybe another day...
5. "The rain drops, the rain drops..." It started raining at about 9:30 in the morning and didn't stop or let up for about 12 hours. But...

The Good Bits (which far outweigh the bad):
1. ...The rain stopped just a little before Radiohead came on. And didn't start again until the very end of their encore.
2. Also saw Ours, Spiritualized, Underworld, Beastie Boys (yeah for anti-Bush performers!) and Blur (who we would not have seen had the 2-day concert happened).
3. Met some awesome people in the crowd, including a kid who lives just a few towns away from us, who we shall hopefully see again, and two cute Asian girls who will send us pictures they took on their camera.
4. Spent the day with some of my most favorite people in this world, including Ash, Claudia, Russen, Patrick and Brandon. And some of them even saw Wade, lucky them.
5. Between bands, they played some Strong Bad e-mails. Including, of course, guitar, techno, and TROGDOR. I doubt I'll ever see Strong Bad on such a big screen again in my life.
6. Got the best "seats" in the house without having to pay more, thanks to W.A.S.T.E.. In the end, we made it to about 30 or so feet from the stage.

And then, there was RADIOHEAD...

Radiohead wasn't just a-mazing--it was more like two or three -mazings at least. The lighting effects they used were really really nice, quite beautiful actually. While there were times when my view was blocked, I managed to see a lot of the stage, and the giant screens helped me when I couldn't. I may not have been close enough to smell their sweat, but I was close enough to see their faces and expressions without having to look at the camera's view to see them. Here's the setlist:

there there
national anthem
kid a
go to sleep
climbing up the walls
sail to the moon
sit down. stand up
pyramid song
no surprises
i might be wrong
where i end and you begin
paranoid android
everything in it's right place
exit music (for a film)
talk show host
how to disappear completely

"How to Disappear Completely" was the first Radiohead song I ever heard, and the rain started ever so lightly just as they were performing it. There wasn't a song that wasn't great, of course, we all know that. I was very surprised to here Kid A, which they don't play live much I've heard. Before playing "Lucky," Thom Yorke said, "This one's for Beck." He also stated that "Exit Music (for a film)" was for "The powers that be". There were big cheers for that and for the government not speaking for us line in "No Surprises."

Anyone who thinks Radiohead is too depressing doesn't know how much fun they really seemed to have with it. Plenty of smiles and dancing around from Thom, and when stuff was being fixed, he said in his best creepy little voice. "It's the microwaves. They fuck with things." Granted, when they did a serious song, they were with that, but they didn't seem to let their music get them down, or anything ^_~ Not to mention, in connection with Hail to the Thief he said, "People tell me it's a great record. I say 'it's not even out yet.'" There was a good laugh from everyone on that. As we all shouted the lyrics, heh.

And they even managed to stop the rain. Radiohead alone would have been worth what I paid. Hypnotically, orgasmically good. I do hope it won't be the last time I see them live.

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