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I am sitting in art class (well, study hall that I spend in art, anyway), and what am I doing? Updating my journal and reading my online comics. Why? Because I'm totally and completely uninspired to do anything in visual media. I just can't think of a project to work on. I had a big creativity spurt early in the sememster, so my grades for this quarter are set, but I would like to start something. Instead, I sit looking at pieces of paper, piles of pastels, pencils, and paints, and think...nothing. I have a few nice photos from Mike and Kikuko I could work on, but I have no clue on how to go about them. My hands won't start on their own the way they do when I'm inspired. They won't start to my surprise on something I hadn't thought about. They simply won't go.
My art teacher just walked by and read some of this. He says maybe writing about it will help get this 'artist's block' out. I can only hope it's true. Art is something I truly enjoy, and this year, I think some of my stuff has come out pretty well. I love my self-portrait, amazing as that is. It's something I'm actually proud of, and I think it looks really good. Even that flower peice I've so often complained about looks nice. Yet's like I'm not worthy of being here. I'm gonna get a peice of paper and some ink now...we'll see if anything worth-while happens...

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