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Unrelatedly, I also saw The Italian Job. Ed Norton's good, music's good, and you can skip the rest!

Pulled, squeezed, and nerve-endingly fired in all sorts of contorted ways today.

But the things worth caring about stress me out only because they really are worth it. And often times, I find they end up redeeming themselves by that same merit.

With any luck, though, we're still covered for Radiohead, myxed up as it may at least that's one down...almost...sorta...I dunno...

I'm a firm believer that things work out, in one way or another. Not in fate, mind you, but that they work out. There's a difference, and I think mostly it's internal.

Highs and lows considered, it makes for getting to sleep easier.

Last but never least...thanks, love.

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