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Random is as random does...

Not a lot of posting going on because I haven't had a good amount of thoughtful time during which I could sit down at a computer that doesn't suck. Even my mom, who uses the computer solely for word-processing and struggles with sending e-mail, knows that this computer is on its last circuits.

So, ladies and gentlemen who are/were planning to go to Field Day Fest, if the concert should be cancelled (sob!) any alternative ideas in the way of having a grand old time and get-together? If you do, I reserve the right to withhold your permits until the last second. Maybe even longer.

The sun better come out soon, because I want to wear my cute new sundress and look sexy when I bring lunch to the Bibble boy. Turkey soup can peck chicken soup's ass any day!

Time to shower and shave if I want to be pretty. I hate shaving my legs, but I love that silky smooth feeling. It's like the toast paradox. " I love toast, I hate toast ".

And with that, I bid you all LA!

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