Mellen (absentmammoth) wrote,

Weapons of mass destruction...for your mouth!

I don't usually post IM conversations, but this bit was too fun to pass up, in my opinion, which is all that matters.

CraziCreek: But what's also wrong is having a conjugation of a verb that means "providing that someone else didn't make me do (verbal root) without my consent"
Lashes3305: lol
CraziCreek: Like tetudawaserarenakereba
Lashes3305: japanese?
CraziCreek: Hehehe, yeah
Lashes3305: good GOD
Lashes3305: that's ungodly!
CraziCreek: Provisional causative passive is just WRONG
CraziCreek: Conjugations will kill me
Lashes3305: don't let them!
CraziCreek: There must be a way to harness the evil energies of Japanese verbals into a vehicle for killing stupid politicians....
CraziCreek: Like, go to the white house, put this device on, and scream "tetudawaserarenakereba" and have everything just MELT
Lashes3305: wow
Lashes3305: that was brilliant
CraziCreek: We should invent it
CraziCreek: Hehehe
Lashes3305: you just did
CraziCreek: Well, only on paper, heh
Lashes3305: or maybe a series of words
Lashes3305: like in AI
Lashes3305: that would just activate something
Lashes3305: instead of the love mechanism
Lashes3305: the DEATH mechanism
CraziCreek: Yeah, the 'sploda mechanism

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