August 6th, 2007

m.e. in nippon

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today is the one year anniversary of my arrival in japan.

i spent most of it going around with ayako and fujita from the board of ed. to the schools and introducing her, really i was just there to keep the poor girl company. there was however a stop at the famed Ichikawa kabutomushi (big ol' japanese rhino beetle) park. took me a whole year, but i did it. my dad will be happy that i finally went, he's been asking me all year, heh.

we then went to a party for katy, the ALT from two years ago. it was nice to finally meet her, and ayako got to meet all the people from eikaiwa, and as usual they gave me all the extra food that i won't be able to eat.

also, as it was a year ago, today is the anniversary of the hiroshima bombing. my life seems to coordinate with national disasters.

i think now i'm gonna bike over to the video store, rent a few films, have a small toast by myself, and enjoy the remaining hours of my anniversary.