June 25th, 2007

gaijin face


the heat of japanese summer is settling upon us, just as i'm starting my two weeks working elementary school (for the last time before summer break).

today was extra busy because the school i'm at is having an exchange student from Port Townsend, Washington (Ichikawa's sister city) for the week, and while she's trying her best, she is all by herself and doesn't speak very much japanese. it was nice to have her there, but pretty tiring too, as i had to make sure she was okay all the time, and the school expects me to translate everything for them.

i'd love nothing more than to kick back and relax in front of the fan, but i've got my last eikaiwa class/party tonight. next fall when it starts up again, i'll be doing the beginners' class, so this is my last hurrah with the intermediate folks.

Anyway, I promised pictures, so I'll upload them now and get them up by the end of the night for sure. there's a new addition to the list...yukata matsuri photos! stay tuned!
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i'm good!

pictures, as promised

these photos are being shown in reverse chronological order, starting with this saturday and the yukata matsuri (the yukata festival in Himeji), the speech contest on wednesday of last week, and finishing up with some quick shots i snapped of my fun new outfit. three very distinct and yet very japanese looks. enjoy!

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