March 8th, 2007

i'm good!

kotowaza is one kanji

i did kotowaza, or proverbs, with my eikaiwa class this week, and they were really pretty fun. there are japanese equivalents of english sayings that are basically the same in meaning and wording, and others that have the same meaning but very different wording. i enjoyed some of them, so i'm gonna share just a few (so you don't get bored).

one japanese version of "don't count your chickens," is "talk of next year makes the devil laugh".

"everyone makes mistakes" and "pride before a fall" are both meanings of "even monkeys fall out of trees".

"let sleeping dogs lie" is "poke around in a bush and a snake will come out".

"actions speak louder than words" is "eggs and vows are easily broken".
"when it rains it pours" is like "a bee to a crying face".

hope you enjoyed a couple fun little moments in language!