November 15th, 2006

i'm good!

gochisousama deshita!

today was the tastiest day of school ever! i didn't have any classes, so i joined in on home economics, and we made some tasty soup of some sort. lunch was also edible today, even good! teriyaki chicken and pickles with sesame seeds, and of course rice and the soup we made. then, later in the day, there was more cooking, and the kids gave me another soup they'd made, some lemon biscuit things they made and another dessert that definitely had vanilla in it, but i have no idea what else. lastly, another group had a fire outside and were roasting sweet potatoes in it, and i got a little bit of that as well. at the end of the day, the home ec. teacher sent me home with a bag of potatoes, so extra bonus for me! no crappy fish with the faces on them for me today!

edit: kelly just made a delicious pasta dinner with a mushroom and wine sauce. truly, this is the day that shall be remembered as the best food day ever!
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