October 25th, 2006

gb shaw

(no subject)

yesterday my built-in web cam seems to have gotten some kind of busted. the image has been REALLY fuzzy and blurry, and the further away i am from it the worse it looks.

i haven't changed any settings on it, so i think it must have somehow been caused by a minor drop it experienced. i was putting the laptop in my bag after work, and as i was lowering it, it slipped and fell about 4 or 5 inches onto the tile floor. it fell on the left side where the dvd drive is. i turned it on to make sure everything seemed ok, and it did, but of course i didn't think to check the camera.

i tried using my phone as a webcam, as i've found it can do that when i was playing around with it. unfortunately, it creates video in some format that skype won't recognize, so there's no point in using it.

the real point here is to ask for some advice. is there any way i might be able to fix the onboard web cam myself? should i take it to a computer shop? it's a Japanese brand of computer, so I probably wouldn't even have to go to an English computer shop, but would it be worth the cost? or should i just go out and buy a new webcam somewhere (probably with instructions i can't read, but i could manage)?

i'm really upset about this issue, since webcam is my favorite means of calling home. i appreciate your feedback.