October 5th, 2006


doom befalls!!

i knew things were going too well, and that something would have to give. sadly, the thing that gave out was my beloved car, Scottie.

i purchased Scottie from my predecessor for 500 good ol' fashioned american dollars, because i would then have a car immediately upon arriving in Japan, and because he was cheap. i had waivered on the decision though because for a car in Japan, Scottie is very old (approaching 10 years), and i had no idea what kind of problems or maintainace he may have or need.

Scottie had had what appeared to be a small oil leak that i noticed a little while ago. i figured i'd get it checked out when i was getting my shakken (the big expensive inspections you have to do on cars in Japan...every 2 years for cars under 10 years old, every year for cars 10 years or older). i noticed that the problem had seemed to be worse this week, there was more oil in my spot than usual. i started to get worried. then, on tuesday night, i ran an errand to the nearby thrift store for a friend, picking up a microwave and driving back home. when i got out of the car, i noticed there was an oil trail all the way down the street heading toward the shop. fuck.

i asked kelly to look at it the next day (she's a car girl, races and all that cool stuff), and we put some more oil in it to see how it would do. this morning, the oil level was down to next to nothing. this is a MAJOR MAJOR problem. a problem bad enough that Kelly and i get the feeling i'm gonna have to rent or buy another car. we're taking him into a shop as soon as we get out of school today.

not only is this a problem because i NEED the car for getting to work...but i was supposed to drive people to Hiroshima tomorrow for the long weekend. no matter what the diagnosis on the car is, i will not be able to take it on a five hour drive. without a second car, there's not enough room for everyone to go. if i stay home though, which i plan to now to try and get this car situation resolved, then it's down to enough people to squeeze into just one car. ::sigh:: no road trip for me this weekend sadly. of all the times to fall apart. oh well.

in a way, it's good this happened now, because i have the long weekend to try and see about getting things straightened out. i also won't have to pay for the expensive inspections in Dec. Scottie would require (shakken is about $1000). it's just that...i don't have any idea what the best course of action is. i don't know ANYTHING about cars. i don't know what my options for replacing it are. and i know ZERO japanese car language. it's gonna be one of those living in a foreign country challenges, heh.

right now, all i can say is that i miss Tula, my honda at home.
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