September 28th, 2006

m.e. in nippon

belated weekend post

my birthday and surprise party pushed back my update on stuff from the weekend, which involved the Tsurui Elementary School Sports Day on saturday and another trip to Osaka on sunday.

for starters, elementary school sports day, like all things involving the little guys, is way cuter and more fun that jr. high sports day, at least for me. i mean, look at the kindergardeners and the first graders:

little guys
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thankfully, because i was only psuedo-working the sports day for the elementary school, i didn't have to attend the enkai (even though i think the teachers at the elementary school are cooler, i still felt like just relaxing). besides, i needed to rest up for our Osaka trip, take 2!

we double checked this time to make sure the museum would be open, and since it was, kelly and i, along with our friend in kamikawa, barbara, set off to take in some paintings from the Prado. here's a picture of me in front of the banner with my favorite painting there, Peter Paul Ruben's "Fortune".
me and fortune
sadly, the banner cuts off the bottom of the painting, which is the part that makes it truly great, but oh well. i look cute at least, hehe.
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so that gets you all up speed on the weekend. i'm now at another school, but i'll talk about that later! love to all you folks!
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