September 13th, 2006

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i'm really thinking of having a weekly Kekkon Dekinai Otoko post to say what goes down. just because i'm silly like that. anyone interested in some cheesy japanese sitcom romance?

EDIT: okay, i've decided i will have the KDO update post, and for all you folks out there thinking "i can't read kanji you crazy bat", when i get home from work i'll do a chart translation and a "story so far" post. i'm such a dork, but it god knows i love to share.

The Man Who Can't Get Married

so here's that chart again, this time it's got the relationships in english, as well as the english spelling of the character names (and my nicknames for them). i didn't bother to translate the actors names, you can look them up yourself on wikipedia if you must know. the boxes with the dotted arrows seem to be about the relationships that aren't happening but are kind of implied (doctor lady and main guy like each other, but nothing's going on there yet, assistant and neighbor girl would get together under other circumstances, or something like kanji sucks tonight, i didn't really feel like looking it up).

k.d.o. english

i've only come into the series about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but as far as i can tell, things are like this:
main guy and doctor lady are very close friends, confide in each other, and seem to really like each other, but neither of them wants to get married because of the pressure their families are putting on them (mom and sister with main guy, the dad with doctor lady)
coworkers get a little crazy with main guy, cuz he's always screwing stuff up at work (he's an architect/designer)
neighbor lady is ditzy, but has an adorable pug dog that is the key to understanding the plotline (dog not pictured, but his name is Ken)
the only time i've seen kaneda is in the bar after work with chicks, so his nickname is bar guy

two weeks ago the show was about doctor lady's father coming, and her avoiding him because she thought he was trying to force her to get married, when really, he was trying to tell her that he was getting re-married. main guy helped them smooth things over by being a dork and giving dad food poisoning, making doctor lady take care of him and finally getting to talk. good job main guy!

last week, the show was about neighbor lady meddling in things with main guy and boss lady, sort of trying to get them together. doctor lady was jealous (she's also friends with boss lady), but boss lady got it all straightened out. doctor lady was relieved. mother was upset main guy wasn't actually dating boss lady.

this week, as i said before, neighbor lady was having problems with a stalker. doctor lady twisted main guy's arm to get him to help watch out for her. when he uncharacteristically gets the job done and scares off the stalker guy, doctor lady is noticably proud of him, and neighbor lady is so shocked, she thinks she just might like him. she says this to doctor lady, who becomes immediately distraught right before the end of the episode.

that's where we are until next week! let me know if you've got any questions, i'll do my best to tell you or find the answers!
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