September 12th, 2006

i'm good!

kekkon dekinai otoko

on the whole, i haven't watched too much japanese tv since i've started living here in japan. this is because:

1) i'm not a big tv watcher anymore. i mostly do movies or maybe tv on dvd now and then.
2) i'm really too busy with other things. or i have better things to do at any time i might want to watch tv.
3) japanese tv (and japanese commercials esp.) is massively fucked up.

the one exception so far is the program "Kekkon Dekinai Otoko", or "The Man Who Can't Get Married". it's a typical sort of sitcom about the misadventures the main male character has, with everything in general and women specifically. it's cheesy. it's predictable. but it's pretty sane comparatively. it was the first thing i watched since i got here that i felt like i could follow all the way through, and in the process pick up some new vocab from now and then. it also has a really famous actor as the lead who isn't half bad, and a cute pug dog.

kekkon dekinai otoko

i'm pretty sure he's gonna end up with the doctor lady (the one to the main character's left), but it's a tv series, so they're gonna have to drag it out. the neighbor lady(bottom left corner) upset the doctor lady this week for saying she might actually like him after he helped her scare off a stalker, which is totally out of character for him. the preview makes it look like next week's ep. is about doctor lady being angsty about the whole thing.

tuesday nights at 10, this is what i'm doing. just so you all know, hehe.