August 27th, 2006

m.e. in nippon

the yin and yang of fun and pain

for the most part, today was an awesome day. a group of JETs got together and went out to the beach. the southern end of our prefecture is on the pacific ocean, and a couple of people looked up some beaches and chose one at random to go to. as it turned out, the beach they chose just happened to be having it's summer ocean festival today. so not only was there beach, but lots of food and beer vendors, live music and dance performances, and the coolest little surprise of all, an island-style double wedding! very very cute.

i swam for the first time in the pacific ocean, tried a little bit of snail for the first time, and unfortunately, got severely burned for the first time in years. should have put on the sunscreen thicker (though i do think japanese sunscreen is not as heavy-duty as ours...all the japanese people got nice and tan...i just burned). the only person who wouldn't know exactly where my bikini top was would be the genki old blind guy we talked to for a while at the beach. looking in the mirror just now, i couldn't help but laugh...i look totally stupid, hehe. ouch.

the group i was with planned on going to dinner in himeji, but after being at the beach all day and being in more pain than anyone seemed to really understand, i opted to go home. katie was heading home too, so i didn't feel too bad going home early, and it wasn't as if i hadn't had a ton of fun anyway. besides, i didn't need to spend money on dinner in the city.

tomorrow it's back to working on lessons and house work. kelly also comes home soon from the states, and i look forward to catching up with her too. for now, a little music, a little light dinner, and a LOT of aloe gel await.