August 22nd, 2006

gb shaw

more blah blah blah about japan

the thing that gets the most frustrating for me here so far is the inability to read "simple" things like manuals and instructions. they teach you lots of things in school, but it's not really aimed toward reading preparation directions on the back of your groceries. it's more about reading essays and novels. slightly different. if i've never seen a certain kanji before (and with so many of them, there's always a kanji i don't know), there's no way to sound it out, and on occasion i can guess at it by the context or combinations i've seen it in before, but that's given that i've got enough of the kanji down to guess at the context itself. half the time it's like "well, this most be something about the electricity...hmmm". after that, it's ask a Japanese friend who can explain (of which right now i only have one, and she's busy all this week) or spend ass-loads of time with the kanji dictionary.

i'm pissy because i've spent god only knows how long trying to translate the section of the manual on how to set my phone's answering message, and even though i feel like i've translated the relevant sections correctly, doing the things i think it said don't seem to work. so frustrating. i asked my pred. how to do it, and his answer was get someone to help. ::sigh:: i guess i'll just have to wait until saturday to fix it.

academically, i love kanji. on a practical level, right now i hate them. frickin' rusuban no messeji...i'll get you yet.