August 18th, 2006

i'm good!

back from the big house

i've been at the Yashiro orientation center for the last 4 days, aka Yashiro prison, for another set of JET orientaions. the food was awful, the beds were awful, the morning wake up calls were awful, and most of the seminars were awful too. i did meet some cool people in my area though, so that was good, and i did get a little bit of new and helpful information. but all day today i was dying to get back home, as short a time as it's been my home because....

my yahoo bb modem came! i'm online i'm online i'm online! yes!

coming back today, i also finally got my alien registration card (the actual plastic with my name and all) and then was able to set up my bank account.

such an exciting day!

tomorrow there's supposed to be a beer garden in kobe, but with yet another typhoon coming, it's bound to be a very rainy day, so i think i'll skip it. i'll probably practice driving and sit on the internet all day instead. drop me a line any time, i'll be here!
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