July 24th, 2006

wisty mammoth

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so no karl blau after all. oh well. maybe he'll come to japan sometime in the next year. a girl can always hope.

i've got plenty of other things i need to do anyway. like remember how to speak japanese.
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hole-y mammoth

Lady in the Water

With the Karl Blau let down, I almost forgot to talk about something super positive, which was Lady in the Water.

As M. Night Shyamalan has said in interviews, this movie is more like Signs in that it doesn't have a big "paradigm shift" (aka - "a big twist"), but rather is a movie built up on little things that make it fun to guess and figure out, and if you do catch on before some of the characters do, nothing is ruined, it just builds up the story as you go. It's also not the crappy horror movie the later trailers try to make it out to be (as those who saw the original teaser trailer/real M. Night fans know), but a fairy-tale/bedtime story that's really very rewarding to watch. I might describe it as the Signs for people who didn't get [the full meaning of] Signs (I know bibble has been preaching the hidden virtues of that one for a while, as have i). Taking meaning from the ordinary. Figuring out the myth for it's actual application. Brilliant and beautiful. It was a joy to watch. As much as I loved Signs and The Village, I really think Lady in the Water is my favorite of his films. Go see it, it's well worth it.