July 20th, 2006

i'm good!

long time no see

this is my first update in a while. i've been pretty busy between trying to prepare for going to Japan and visiting with loved ones before going. just about 2 weeks left before then! this is also the first post from my shiny new computer, purchased to go with me in order to keep in touch with all of you folks. it'll probably be a week or so before my internet is set up once i get to nihon, but emailing me is still probably the best way to get in touch, as the schools and my co-workers/neighbors will let me check now and then. if anyone wants my address in Japan, just drop me an email and i'll send it over to you. i'm really lucky, the apartment i'm moving into there is HUGE by Japanese standards, i'll post some pictures later. anyway, i hope you're all having a great summer.