June 30th, 2006


note from the past

just as i'm about to embark on new adventures, a funny little thing occurs.

in seventh grade, my english teacher ms. collins has us all write letters to ourselves ten years in the future. she says that in ten years, she will send them to us.

well, mine arrived in the mail the other day. i remembered writing it very clearly as i read it. most of the letter is just a list of who my friends were at the time and the things i liked. i'm awed by how NOT distant it seems. but it's cute. i'm not a different person, just an older me. not what i expected i'd find at the other end, but i can't say i'm unhappy with how it's going.

what a funny thing to happen though. and i have to love it.
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    Mount Eerie - I Hold Nothing
chair lady

leeloo my dallas!

did this today on a whim:


the box said "molten lava". i like it. forgive the picture quality, but it's hard to take one's own picture sometimes.
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