June 12th, 2006

gb shaw

Today's mail

Recieved an envelope from the Ichikawa Board of Education. I now have an address in Japan and information about my specific job and housing. I'll only have to pay half the rent on the apt, the rest will be paid by the town, and they're providing me with most everything I need like bedding, TV, air conditioner, etc. They say I'll be doing mostly middle school with one or two days a week at one of the elementary schools. Sounds like it's going to be a pretty good set up. Once again though, it dawns on me....Holy crap, I'm moving to JAPAN.

Also, recieved somehow not one, but TWO shirts from The Robot Ate Me/Ryland. I only ordered one shirt though! But, at the same time, I ordered a copy of Good World, and that did not come. Hmmm. Debating if I should write him and ask him if it was a mistake or just wait to see if the album comes seperately. I didn't place the two orders on the same day, after all, they could be shipping seperately. Still...two shirts? Crazy.

Last but not least, a large collection of magazines, including National Geographic galore, has recently been bequeathed to me. Collage strikes again!
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