May 25th, 2006


infintely expanding, just waiting to fill up...

monday and tuesday were one big conjoined day of bliss and relaxation. i was very glad to be chosen for such an adventure!

wed was the opposite, a day filled with the stress of really working on moving out of our current apartment, and for me, moving back home for a couple months. did more research on my town in Japan with my dad, figured out what train line it's on, where EXACTLY it is, etc. the real trick, i found, is doing the google search not with the romanji (ichikawa-cho) but with the kanji characters for the town. and as it turns out, the town really IS shaped like a heart <3.

it's now back to work for a day, then i'm callling out the next 3 days to get more moving work done. i'll probably start staying at home again by saturday night. living in the basement like old times. i suppose pure nostalgia is supposed to hit right before a new adventure here we go again.
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