March 29th, 2006

i'm good!

Wednesday = Mall Day Update

sitting in my abandoned ghost town of a mall on a sunny day being reminded that spring is in the air has some sort of good vibe about it. every week i come back here, more stores are closed and emptied out. it's all crashing down in this one little venue, and it's really kind of interesting, like some strange commercial anthropological study. the light streams through the windows onto empty white tiles and it feels like something is going right in the new season of growth.

yet everyday we get closer to april, the more anxious i get. waiting to hear back from the embassy. to see if i get a position with the JET program. it's driving me nuts, checking my email, hoping they get back to me just a little itsy bit early. that would be nice. but i suppose early april means just that, and no sooner.

i dreamt about being on the plane to Japan for that 14 hour flight. i hope that's a positive premonition.

been doing lots of collages lately, not many inks. since it's spring, colors are coming into view. my latest collage works are all collages based on a color theme. so far i've made red, orange, and yellow. i cut out whatever i can find with those colors and assemble them into some sort of dreamscape. but i do feel the need for free-form welling back up. every style needs to build up and rejuvenate, if you ask me. but stay tuned for a,mature seashell girl collage! it's exciting!
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i'm good!

also, randomness

who knew wikipedia would be outdoing imdb on fun movie rumors? i just read while doing random fun searches on wikipedia, there's a whisper about that david bowie might not only be doing the nikola tesla part for chris nolan's prestige, but may be nolan's joker in the next batman movie. i'm not even sure i like that idea, but damn, that's interesting. i think it's probably a false rumor, but god knows i love bowie gossip.
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