March 8th, 2006

hole-y mammoth

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yesterday i tried to start WAY too many projects at once. the result? nothing go finished.

but today, the shoe-cars are starting to really come along. stay tuned folks!
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    and i don't care if you don't like my work, mwhahahaha
i'm good!

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having a good time with collages lately, but starting to think they need to go digital soon...adjusting things just a little at the pre-assembly level really, and cutting slightly cleaner lines are my reasoning. i can always do both, but there's this little fairy in my brain saying "traitor!" at the thought of it. i might have to just suck it up and swat that fairy though.

also considering a wacom tablet purchase. i feel like it would be worth the $450 for the 9x12. my parents have to give me an early b-day anyway if i go to Japan...thinking about asking for it from them sooner rather than later. even just having them each pitch in $100 would make it managable. i really really really want to start working in more digital mediums alongside the analog, because that's the "future" of the thing. really, i just want the cleanest lines and the power to adjust images without the constraints of the "real" picture.

we'll see, we'll see. work starts tonight/tomorrow on my first digital collage attempt.

in the meantime, the ol' paper cut out technique looks good on my Christian Louboutin Dodge Intrepid platform heels.
i'm good!

seriously, it's mostly a joke...but the possiblities...

NPR just gave me a great idea! if i sell my eggs, i can get enough money for the wacom and a new lappy! they said the bare lowest these things go for is usually $4,000, and "elite" eggs go for up to $25,000! if they're looking for "master race" style stuff, with blond hair and blue eyes, i'm so in!

now, how does one go about selling one's genetic material these days?