March 1st, 2006

hole-y mammoth

oldie but a goodie

this is another collage that's been hanging around (on the bathroom door, actually) and i've just recently gotten around to scanning it. it's one of my personal favorites that nobody really seems to take any notice of. go figure.

the juggler

you need to click on the larger version if you'd like to get a better look at the text and graphs. i took them from that old sociology book someone threw out at the end of senior year at conn. i like it, so i suppose it doesn't matter what you think of it, but i hope you enjoy it too.
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fatty mammoth

(no subject)

when i wanted to work on inks the other day, i'd brought my collage tools to work at the casino.

today, i want to do collage, and all i brought to the mall was my ink stuff.

i gotta cut that shit out, man.

unrelated, i'm thinking about maybe actually getting my ears pierced. but then again, maybe not. what do you, the viewer at home, have to say?