February 8th, 2006

i'm good!

sick daze

yesterday was the best actual sick day i've had in a long time

i was sick enough to have called out of work, first off. they laughed at the frogginess of my voice when i called, so it was clear to them i shouldn't be answering phones for eight hours. slept in a little extra despite my resolution to wake up earlier these days (when your sick, you can make exceptions).

when i did get out of bed, i went to the store with brandon and got a few things needed to make pancakes. returned and made said pancakes, as that was what i was craving. they came out okay for being made by a sick girl.

then i sat around and read for a while. finished that Palahniuk book, despite it's getting crappier and crappier as i went. now i can go back to work on Fri. and tell Amy that i agree with her, it wasn't very good.

got a short message from a friend that really brightened my day.

then did a little art work. i didn't have any ink to work with on sunday at the casino gig, and so i ended up improvising and making paper cutouts. i couldn't figure out how to show that they are papercuttings with some dimension, til val suggested putting them on a window. i made one more yesterday and photographed one of them. it looks like this:

cutting 1

the screen makes it look a little funny, but there's no way to lift it in the windows at our apartment.

then, watched Sin City, because it's a damn good time of a movie.

still sick, but well enough to make it to work at the mall (at least, i hope so i can make it to the end of the day...)

trying again to find a suit tomorrow. tara got sick, probably with whatever i have too, and had to cancel. anyone else able to come with me? i hate shopping alone!
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i'm good!

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my dad just brought me some chicken soup here at the mall.

he's going to the store and is picking me up some things i forgot to buy the other day (pasta sauce and tissues) and bringing them back for me while i'm here.

i really will miss the little things like that if i end up going to japan this summer.