February 1st, 2006

i'm good!

Weekly Mall Update Time

Here at the mall as usual on Wed., and time for me to tell everyone what i've been up to.

On Jan 18th, took a train up to Boston to visit Claudia and Gerald and then to surprise Dave the next day for his birthday. All worked beautifully, thanks to all the lovely ladies and gents who helped me out. We all went and saw Brokeback Mountain, which I was a little shocked to find people laughing at in the theater. I mean, A LOT of laughing, at what I thought were very serious moments. Did anyone else find this happening, or was it just the audience that night in Boston? I love Ang Lee, and my one could say I'd already made up my mind to love the film, but I still thought it was really great. I hope it wins a fistful of Oscars. At any rate, much fun was had in Boston. Hope to see all you folks again soon (in two weeks!).

The next week, drove down to Baltimore on Mon. 23rd to visit Alex, who it turned out I hadn't seen in over a year. Watched as much of The League of Gentlemen as I could, because it was indeed as awesome as Alex had stated. Seriously people, go find this show, Netflix it, or you can watch at least the first season with me since Alex gave me his DVD burns of that. The only thing it compares with is really Upright Citizen's Brigade. Finely crafted characters living in a real world that also happens to be the set for a sketch comedy program. And it's a HORROR comedy on top of that. Bloody brilliant. Geeked out playing SceneIt! and Trivial Pursuit. And had some lovely drinks at the Bar De Alex. Not to mention I had the best pork of my life (Alex's awesome slow-cooked recipe)! Ended up staying an extra day because I was having such a lovely time. And as Brandon stated, I also liberated The Invisibles.

Headed back to CT on the 26th, and the next day, my little sister turned 21 years old! Makes me feel old, that's for sure. Saw her on the weekend and gave her presents before we headed down to The Hygenic show to look at all the lovely arts that abounded. Apparently a tiny picture of mine snuck its way into the newspaper. There were plenty of pieces there I would have loved to buy had I the money. If you have a chance, you people should all go check it out.

Now I'm back at home, and it's only 2 weeks til I go for my interveiw! Good Lord! Keep wishing me luck, folks! I REALY REALLY appreciate it.
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This is the Ice Queen

Ice Queen

I usually avoid using celebrities for collages, but Cate here fit so perfectly onto that iceberg I couldn't resist. Another one that people who know me in meat space have seen for a long time, but new to the internets. Enjoy her chilly countenance!
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Since no one else is posting, and I'm STILL here at the mall, I'm going to get out all my talk on the Academy Award nominations, so poor Brandon doesn't have to hear me go on and on about it. The last couple of year's nominations haven't been what I'd call the best, so I didn't even watch the award ceremonies, but this year has a lot of buzz in it for me (meaning I thought there were a lot of good movies), so I'm excited.

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