January 11th, 2006

fatty mammoth

Make me a book on tape!

Phil has once again made something which i had to purchase. i simply have no choice. this time it's not an album of music, new or old. rather, he made a 6 CD set of him reading aloud "Egil's Saga", an ancient Viking story. it's long, full of "so-and-so, the son of this-and-that, married la-di-da, the daughter of x-and-y the brave" style narrative, but i loved listening to it. it was a great time. being read something someone just really wanted to share was so much fun. and i loved the poems in it, which is why i suspect Phil liked it too.

i told this then to Dave and Becky, and Becky concurred that being read to is awesome, and Dave said he would have to read an H.P. Lovecraft book and record it. i'm totally going to hold him to that too. Brandon said he might read a Kathy Acker book as well as his own poems. i live with him, so it's easy to make him do it, hehe. as for me, i'm thinking of reading one of my favorite Japanese novels in translation. maybe Kokoro or The Wild Goose.

now, i want everyone to submit a book on tape/cd/mp3. especially since i'm going to go away in about 6 months should things work out properly with the JET program. i want to hear my friends voices reading me books they like so i have something to take with me while i'm away. how awesome would that be? i'll tell you, VERY AWESOME.

please please please please please think about doing it. i want to have a collection of stories read by lovely people that i know. short stories, poetry, long epic sagas, i don't care what it is, i just hope you'll share something.