October 27th, 2005

i'm good!

in homage to gp'o

best day in a long while. music mixes and thai food and goodness me, i even started to clean the house. this is a week or so old, but now it's up on dev. working on another ink and watercolor today.

fractaled garden
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    Fog - Under A Anvil Tree
i'm good!

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set up the printer only to find it doesn't come with the one crucial piece of USB needed to get it working with the good ol' compy here. what kind of a (chinese expletive) trick is that? also, online japanese dictionaries are way easier to use than the chinese ones. (more chinese expletives). nihongo yori chyugokugo wa yasashi n deshyou ne. my japanese is lousy these days anyway. ha ha ha and blah blah blah.

but really, thanks to brandon going into the mall job for me, i've had a great day of relaxation, cleaning, and alone time*. bless you, boy, bless you.

also, dave is awesome for getting not just one but TWO jobs in a single afternoon. bless you too, boy.

now, to perhaps change those icons after all...

*some firefly with commentary as well, as one may have guessed from the above need for chinese expletives.