October 20th, 2005

i'm good!

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honestly, the only thing i miss about the mall job is the unrestricted internet time. here i am, updating again, because i'm at the mall.

naturally, just before i had to come in to work, i found two packages at my door. one contains a large order from amazon that includes The Corporation, Arrested Development Season Two and Batman Begins. i plan on watching Batman in the nude as soon as i get home. sexy sexy sexy.

the other package was a treasure trove of (purchased) gifts from K Records, which included discs from The Blow, Thanksgiving, Dub Narcotic and some old Microphones discs i decided to throw in because i didn't have the offical cds of them yet. it also included the K t-shirt designed by Genevieve, which i am wearing right now.

i also just happened to check pwelverumandsun.com before heading to work, only to find the newest mount eerie (11 old songs) AND the new thanksgiving triple album are both out, only through ordering at the website. so i bought both of those without so much as a second thought. addicted, yes. but a junkie with their fix is just as functional as anyone else, right? something like that. but really, in that whole K order, the most expensive thing was $17, so i didn't feel all that guilty. it's a hell of a lot less than a tank of gas each week, that's for sure.

as mentioned by Brandon, Devendra Banhart and his Hairy Fairy band were well worth yesterday's traumatic trip to boston. amazing playing of amazing songs. but one of the best parts was when he had a guy out of the audience just come up and play his own song. his name was sean. sean, someday i hope to buy your album too, wherever you are! we sat next to a cute guy with braces who i like to imagine was named Todd, because he looks like our friend Todd who, out of the blue, also called us yesterday while we were chilling with Dave in boston. he and i talked about vinyl and driving. we all got up and boogied at the end of the show, it was a good frickin' time. thankfully, i didn't spend any money cuz we already had Devendra's new CD, courtesy of Brandon. everyone's got new music out all over the place, and all over my face. almost too much. but really, i just need to start making some too. maybe the next time brandon and patrick decide to practice for a gig, i'll come along and fiddle with my bass. i mean, i gotta get into this.

made my first collage in weeks. i was so relieved, it had been so long since anything had come to me. the first time i've been scared that i may have lost it. but one day at a time, i guess. i'll scan it soon and post it, because i think it's frickin' hilarious.

watching Firefly as well right now, and goddamn, it's so good. i don't remember why i was so against it at first. it was probably a combination of my star trek lust/bias and the fact i thought it was ripping off Outlaw Star for a time. the re-telling of events that the Serenity movie presented, however, removed all of that, and now i'm going back and finding the series to be MOST excellent. i'll probably end up buying that too. i'm such a consumer whore. i love good things. really really really do.

this is a long and not that interesting post. but still, it's nice to make one once in a while.

this icon scheme will be going soon though. i can't pick anyone that i think works these days. oh, the time i wish i had!