August 31st, 2005

i'm good!

Music update/I.S.F.D vol. 5.5

i really can't believe john vanderslice and sufjan stevens will be playing in mass. on the same day AND I HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM. i'll probably end up going to the ss show because jv doesn't have a venue as of yet, and he'll be swinging back this way again in october.

dave, you interested/available for any of those shows? it's at the somerville theater, and i don't know where that is, but i'm gonna find out. here's the website, for my own reference mostly.

xiu xiu on sat., and i'm even getting paid for the day! this is so going to rock my socks clean off and replace them with magical dancing shoes or something. DO YOU LOVE ME, JAMIE STEWART!?
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