August 24th, 2005

i'm good!

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As you all may have guessed, I've been really busy lately. Last week I actually spent a good deal of time doing stuff for the home. My mother and I re-upholstered the chairs in our kitchen, and she bought us some really nice night tables for the bedroom. A new wall hanging came in that looks smashing in the bedroom. The bathroom even got some new touches, with a set of shelves to use for...stuff. Every room was altered a little, and all of a sudden, our apartment was finally a fully-fledged new home that it just hadn't quite been before. A visit from Amanda didn't hurt, either. Her beautiful art has made the living room and the spirit of our home all the more complete. I'm really really happy with it all.

Having internet installed helped too, I think, but I still find myself hardly using it. Even I'm surprised how little I do with it. Sooner or later, when I have a full day off again (which according to my mall schedule, might not be until October if I don't get it straightened out) I'll need to upload the art I've been doing in the last couple of months.

Life is very very strange right now, but I think it will get stranger soon enough.

Also, off topic, the new Phil album is phantastic. Oh yes. The art it comes with is taller than I am...I have to find a place for it now, too.
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