August 16th, 2005

i'm good!

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oh my god we finally have internet. just in time for there to be a new computer virus out! yah!

there is life to be had and shared and art that now needs uploading. i have the next two days off, and i look forward to spending it with all you people i haven't spoken with in a while, and getting updated with all the things i've neglected this past couple months.

and people, give me a call too, i just got a new cell phone. the good old phone i had for so many years finally kicked the cellular bucket, and has been re-incarnated in a new slim flip body. it was good in its last life, so it was upgraded instead of downgraded (my father wanted me to use his old phone and just have them switch the number over, but i wanted something new and shiny and so i bought something both new and shiny). same number for those that have it, but it's clearly sexier now.

wow. internet at home. now it almost seems like a novelty. it's really a necessity i was doing without though. have you missed me? i've missed you.
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