November 17th, 2004

i'm good!

my mysterious love of phil elv(e)rum

it's been a few months since i wrote about the microphones/mount eerie. and it's still important to me, so here i am writing about it all again.

nothing else is like this music. not any other idol of worship has come close to the eerie intimacy of these songs. eerie's really the did he know that too? i don't know, i'm ever renewing my bafflement. he's singing about his life, clearly...but he's singing about my life in ridiculous detail. images that convey so much no other image ever has by mere song. but that's not all.

i've listened to all the songs we have. all the microphones and mount eerie records. and yet, no song reaches me before it's supposed to. songs i've listened to, and know some of the lyrics to, will go by without notice until the exact time they are "supposed" to be noticed. and the level of importance is direct and eerie. the first time i heard the song "i felt your shape", actually HEARD it, not just listened to it, was the day after my birthday. the song contains the lyrics "yesterday, on your birthday". eerie. that's just one example.

so, yeah. i can't help but be amazed by this little man whose name i'm not even sure how to spell correctly (it appears both with and without a second e on different albums). i keep a picture of him next to my computer inspires me. he's standing next to a person in a giant monkey costume in the snow in japan. it's perfect. perfect for me, specifically.

and that's something i felt like sharing.
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