October 10th, 2004

i'm good!

always a surprise

i had a reading assignment for my modern Korean history class reading a short story by a man named Yi Sang, who lived from 1910 to 1937. the professor also gave us a larger selection of his art and poems we didn't have to really read, but just look over. she said the story was "really weird".

what she didn't say is that he was known for being a "transgressive" author, and that he was bloody brilliant. these are two of my favorite things. i was amazed and showed his stuff to brandon, who concurred with my opinion immediately. i can only imagine he sounds even better in Korean, since these are just translations. here's a sample, one of his poems:

"Holding the razorblade my arms became severed and fell off. Looking closer I see how cold and pale they are as if seriously threatened by something. Confronted with this I stood my pair of lost arms up as candleholders to decorate my room with. The arms are dead but seem to show all the more nothing but fear of me. Such frail etiquette i consider more lovely than any flower basin."

i've never had homework make my day before. much happiness has resulted from this discovery.
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