September 29th, 2004

i'm good!

stream of bored conciousness, don't read unless you're also bored

i actually already did the homework i have due for tomorrow (well, the homework that MATTERS anyway) and now i'm very very bored at work.

deviant art's been on the fritz, so i can't lose myself in hours of art hunting. i've read everything anyone's posted in the last four hours, sometimes twice. i've only got an hour to go at this point, but it's still pretty weighty time.

i could start my Japanese homework, but i'm suppose to do that with my friend/study buddy/tutor tomorrow anyway. i don't want to have to do any of it over, so i might as well wait a while.

some guy just walked up to the counter to try and get my phone number. that was amusing. doesn't happen all that often, so i guess it's a bit of a self-esteem booster. not that i need one, but it's never bad to be complimented about the way one looks. must be this shirt. amanda and brandon said it looked good on me.

brandon and i finished watching the second season of The West Wing. i knew from the get-go that i didn't want to watch the show because i knew i'd get addicted. then patrick goes and makes us watch it, and here we are, hooked. now we have to wait til november for the third season dvds. good thing i have all the monty python to keep us busy til then.

ah, alex is back to talk to me. that's always fun at work. later folks.
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