September 20th, 2004

i'm good!

let's get out of the world

imagine that you have a favorite band. imagine that you connected so intimately with the music that you couldn't stop listening to it. imagine you were unable to see this band on the day you'd expected to, so the band came and played in your living room.

that's what it was like to have phil elverum come and play on campus last night. no chairs, we all sat on the floor, right in front of him and his flip-flopped feet. the only lighting was a string of x-mas tree lights. and he curtsied each time he finished a song. he didn't play many of the songs i would have called "my favorites", but that didn't matter. everything he played was exactly what i needed to hear. softly amazingly perfect.

of course, there were the two performers before him. calvin johnson was hilarious. one of the most out-right entertaining entertainers i've seen. and there aren't words to describe the beauty of genevieve castree and her french songs. blew my mind with adore. i've never been to a concert where the openers were just as important/talented/entertaining as the headliner. it was a very special event.

i then managed to thoroughly embarrass myself (as in, i felt embarrassed) trying to tell phil how important it was to me that they were here, at this point in time. i said they could never know how much it meant to me. and he called me cryptic. and then i bought everyone's work and a t-shirt.

it was so heart-opening i came back home and cried. what a night.
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