July 3rd, 2004

i'm good!

Boring update of the day...

Finally found my Japnese textbook out in the garage, under a stack of papers in a box I was sure I looked in, more than once. Oh well, I've got it and now I can try and keep my kanji and grammar a little bit sharper over the summer.

On the second book of the Shrodinger's Cat Trilogy. Also excellent.

Work sucks, as usual. After this I go to my mother's new house for the first time to spend the fourth with her. I've got to go to her church and get paraded around as the darling daughter tomorrow morning, which should be as much fun as watching somebody rape your cat, but nothing I can do about it. My mom's been moved out for a few months now and I still haven't been to her house, so I really couldn't get out of it. Hopefully the barbaque and fireworks will be some fun, in the usual family way. My sister went to her boyfriend's for the holiday so she won't be there, but maybe Brandon will come to get away from his family. At least he doesn't have to go to church.
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