May 30th, 2004

i'm good!

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I think it's hilarious how nearly everytime someone defreinds Bibble they defriend me too. Even if I haven't said anything. Because I'm his girlfriend, I'd assume. I don't recall ever seeing anyone drop Brandon after they dropped me, though.

This is where I got that assumption that I must not be interesting, if they only keep me around because I'm his girlfriend then drop me when they drop him.

Funny, ne?
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i'm good!

Unrelated, grades...

I got my report card yesterday, which was slightly terrifying upon opening. My grade in the Writing About Modern Japan seminar was based entirely on that huge paper I'd written, done mostly after the David Bowie concert. Either the professor just really likes me (she taught two of my four classes this past semester) or it came out better than I'd thought, because I got an A. Not even a A-, which is my usual grade in most things. She also gave me an A in the Culture and Colonialism in Japan class. I got an A in my Crime, Punishment and Revenge in Japanese Literature and Film too, which surprised me as well because the professor was a real stickler on grades. I've never gotten so many A's before, and I felt like I slacked off more this semester than any other. The only class I didn't get an A in was Japanese, and my grade reflected the fact that I did poorly on the homework (which I just hated doing, and often only half finished) and the midterm. I got a A- on the final for that class, but it didn't bring my grade above the C average, which was what I was expecting. Really, I feel like I learned a lot more than the grade reflects, which was my "academic" effort, and my parents were still very pleased. Having felt toward the end of this year that I'd broken through somewhat into an understanding of the higher level of Japanese, I'm looking forward to the next semester instead of dreading it.

This semester actually brought my GPA UP instead of down, which was what I was expecting. I guess I really DO bullshit that well, heh.
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