May 19th, 2004

i'm good!

A post to make you all jealous...

So, I did manage to write a 23-page paper while down in Baltimore, believe it or not. Alex was a great host, and we were both glad to be able to see him, as well as his very pretty and very amusing cat Vincent. A smashing time was had rocking out with these gentlemen.

Still, nothing, no matter how fun, compares to David Bowie.

I was afraid that by the time he finally got to see us, he'd be tired of touring, and it would show in his performance. But, as he is the consumate rock star, a good crowd still makes him very happy. And that makes me even happier. I saw him last year at Area2, but he looks even younger this year. I mean, wow. A fifty-seven year old man's ass should not look that good. But it does, ooooh yes it does. He talked and joked with the audience a lot, and our seats were good enough that we got to see every smile in detail. A rocking, laughing, sexy good time indeed.

Here are some of the juicy little details, for those of you not yet jealous enough!

-Station to Station, which he just started playing again. Unbelievably amazing.

-Hallo Spaceboy. None of the older fans in the audience had any kind of clue what this song was, but the three of us rocked it just as hard as David was. And he ROCKED it. One of the greatest things about Bowie concerts is that he doesn't just play his songs, he makes them better. Hallo Spaceboy USED to rock the album track will be insufficient comparatively. You just wouldn't believe it unless you were there. The only song he played from Outside, but it became part of a three-song arch of non-stop rocking, going into Sunday and then Heathen, both off of Heathen. Very very powerful, very very awesome.

-China Girl is even better when it goes, "Oh baby...Just shut the fuck up!"

-Accoustic of Loving the Alien. It was a "rehersal song" as David put it, as they haven't played it but one or two times before. It was gorgeous. Played without all the 80's style weirdness the song originally had, it's simply beautiful. Most of the auidence also sat down at this point for a while (either because they were tired or they didn't know the song, the bastards) so we got a perfectly clear veiw of the stage throughout. I hope to god I can find a recording of him playing this, because it seriously dazzled me.

-Under Pressure. Never thought I'd hear that song live in concert. Gail Ann Dorsey, David's lovely and talented bassist, sang the Mercury part, and sang it well. I finally managed to pick up a copy of her album while I was there, too...even reasonably priced!

Here's the setlist we got:
01 Rebel Rebel
02 Fashion
03 New Killer Star
04 Cactus
05 Sister Midnight
06 Hang On To Yourself
07 All The Young Dudes
08 Fame
09 China Girl
10 The Loneliest Guy
11 The Man Who Sold The World
12 Panic In Detroit
13 Hallo Spaceboy
14 Sunday
15 Heathen (The Rays)
16 Under Pressure
17 Station To Station
18 Ashes To Ashes
19 Quicksand
20 The Supermen
21 Loving The Alien
22 Modern Love
23 White Light, White Heat
24 I'm Afraid Of Americans
25 "Heroes"
26 Suffragette City
27 Ziggy Stardust

Awesomeness abounded. I danced til, indeed, I was one giant orgasm. Oh yes. Well worth the pain and suffering of rushing my finals. Mmm-hmm.
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i'm good!

Also of great import...

Amanda, welcome home!

We must see you as soon as possible. Really. We've missed you something awful.

We'll have a party! We'll play Twister or something ^_~ It'll be good times.
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