May 9th, 2004

i'm good!

Funny talkin' n' such...

CraziCreek: Japanese is stupid, I should never have started it! hahaha
Xoriana: lol
Xoriana: school is stupid, i should never have started it!
Xoriana: i should have helped paw on the farm instead
Xoriana: :-P
CraziCreek: That's right, all this book-learnin' and fancy city-folk talk just ain't fer me
Xoriana: hahaha
CraziCreek: Why, who's ever gonna need so much stuff in one head anyways?
Xoriana: not me!
Xoriana: i'm gonna be a waitress, what do i care about all this stuff?
CraziCreek: That's right! I works just sellin's gift cards, I ain't never gonna use no fancy pants talk like this or big ol' maths
Xoriana: haha
Xoriana: you'd fit in with your customers much better
Xoriana: without the schooling
CraziCreek: Damn straight